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Hints & Tips For Your Marketing Campaign
Marketing Hints for successful letterbox campaigns
Target Your Customers

Be clear on the locations and types of customer you are aiming to attract, and target your campaign specifically at their needs.

Timing Is Everything

Plan the timing of each part of your campaign well in advance and build in some slack to ensure you don't miss your deadlines and reach your customer at exactly the right time.

Make An Impact

Break through the clutter of your customer's busy environment by following these pointers:
  • Achieve doormat impact - through the use of bright colours, strong copy, large & varying fonts; and using unusual sizes & formats to capture the consumer's attention.
  • Support your brand - so focus on making your brand, logo, typeface and colourways, consistent and strong, to maximise brand recognition
  • Keep all copy direct & simple
  • Don't over design - and ensure you don't let the design overpower the message.
Include A Response Mechanism

Such as coupons or money-off vouchers to enable you to gauge how recipients have reacted to your campaign. Colour code leaflets or include a response number to enable you to measure by area or postcode.

Use Pilot Campaigns To Maximise Cost Effectiveness

By finding out which offers, targeted customers and types of campaign deliver the best response before rolling out to a wider customer audience.

Plan For The Long Term

Because whilst high impact, one off campaigns can be successful, for many companies frequency holds the key, with most successful operators using the medium on a monthly, fortnightly and, in some cases, even a weekly basis.

Call to Action

A sale consists of two issues, desire and urgency. Your customer has to want it and want it now! It's your job to create the desire and urgency and then satisfy it. With this in mind, your flyer needs to be targeted to the correct desire and you need to advise a "call to action". In other words, you need to offer a saving or discount to get action and you need to enable an expiry date to create urgency.

Customer Retention

DL sized Flyers, Coupons and leaflets are the best size. They are regarded less as junk-mail and research shows they are generally kept by the householder up to 4 times longer.

Measure your Success

Measure the return on investment by having redeemable coupons/offers so your customer has to present the coupon to receive the benefit you offered.

Do more with less

Take advantage of economies of scale by placing your flyer on the back with another business, which compliments yours, or ask us about our print and deliver bundles or discount saver coupons.

Quality Control

Make sure your distributor has a good quality control program in place. Deliveries are guaranteed by JM Circular were possible. We employ full time professional and reliable Adult so you can have confidence in the distribution of your expensive marketing material.

Campaign Planning

Plan your sale or grand opening well in advance, Allow 1 week for graphic design, 2 weeks for printing and 2-3 weeks for distribution. While it's a good idea to have a sale date to create desire and urgency some times this can work against you if the weather is bad or due to unforeseen circumstances.

Layout & Design

Make a good 1st impression, your design is the 1st thing your customer will notice. If it looks cheap and "fly by night" this will reflect on your companies image. Studies have shown that you only have 3-5 seconds to capture your customer's attention. You are investing time and money into your Direct Mail Campaign so make sure the message is clear and it stands out.

Customer Demographics

We have experience in the area so we can advise you on the demographics of the many different suburbs that make up the Warwickshire, Leicestershire and West Midlands areas. This advice can help you target your customers better and hopefully increase your response.

Test your Market

Investing your time, money and potential customers into a direct mail campaign is no small task. We highly suggest testing your offer/campaign in your local district, First deliver around your local area or business. If the response is low from this test it could be an indication that you might need to revise your offer or design before printing thousands. Know your competitors and what they are offering. We can help you achieve all this and more.

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